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27. Darius (Former US Navy FMF Corpsman, Veteran, Cloud Engineer)

27. Darius (Former US Navy FMF Corpsman, Veteran, Cloud Engineer)

on transitioning from active duty, being responsible for your own career, and his path to becoming a cloud engineer

Head’s Up! Episode contains heavy language.

This is a work/career/military episode.

It's a good listen for veterans, those within a couple of years from finishing their time in the military, and those still active duty who are not sure what they want to do on the outside.

I met Darius about six years ago while I was stationed in Spain. Darius was a US Navy Medical Corpsman for 10 years. During his time he deployed downrange with the Marines, and worked in clinics and hospitals in Europe and the US.

This episode we talk mostly about his transition out of the military, from having no plan to landing a six-figure income as a full-time teleworking cloud engineer. We throw a lot of military acronyms out there, talk about military mindset in different environments, taking responsibility for your own career, the importance of networking, being your own advocate in work and life, and Cloud Tech Academy where he did his Salesforce training (links below).

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Enjoy the episode!



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