it's in the doing that makes you something/ structure + formlessness
25. J (Ep. 3 of the J Series | Social Media and Its (Dis)Contents)Listen now (90 min) | Cyber Life vs. Real Life, Echo Chambers, and the Mind-Suck Machines of the Attention Economy. And the downsides, too.
24. - J (Ep. 2 of the J Series | Music and Creativity)Listen now (53 min) | Musical Beginnings, Influences, Creativity, and the dreaded Imposter Syndrome
zeppelin's houses of the holy, kettlebells, shackleton's endurance, kipling's 'if'
23. - Brain and the Appalachian Trail: Part IIListen now | On "completion", trail perspectives, being in control of your life, and how comfort is a sickness
22. - J (Ep.1 of the J Series | Mental Health, "Stutz", and The War of Art)Listen now (53 min) | We talk 'Stutz', Mental Health, Creativity, Resistance and The War of Art
the men's new record, consciousness and creativity book by Lynch, stutz film,, *a request*
a madvillan to end all villainous audio threats, minimum effective dose workouts, the bear on FX, schwartzenegger's daily advice
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