18. - Kaci Cheeseman (Program Specialist for Trevor Kashey Nutrition, Author, Healthy…Listen now (60 min) | *Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, here on Substack, or wherever you listen to podcasts* Kaci is a hard-working individual. She is of the fortunate few who has made her passion for living a healthy life into her vocation. A trained physician’s assistant…
and (could) apply to life outside
and creation
17. - Tim Kinsella (Retired US Navy Commanding Officer, Director of Center of Leadership at the College of Business at the University of…Listen now (65 min) | "The Skipper"
Time for a change
16. - Serendipitous Actions and the Chinese Farmer FableListen now (13 min) | This is a quick episode this week. I tell a story about what can come from treating people well, a coincidental encounter, and tie…
15. - Neta (Entrepreneur, Doer of Things, Co-Worker, Friend)Listen now (43 min) | Neta is a dear friend of mine. We met a year ago at work and since then we've had hours of conversation about so many different…
14. - Brian & The Appalachian Trail: Part IListen now (56 min) | Brian is prepping to hike the entire Appalachian Trail (more than 2,000 miles from North Georgia to Maine). In two days he will…
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