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26. Podcast/ Life Update

26. Podcast/ Life Update

What I've Been Up To, Leaving the US Navy, Focusing on Three Essentials, and Podcast Future Plans

I’m back from a bit of a break.

Talking points:

  • Brief talk about my transition and retirement from the Navy

  • Three areas I am focusing on : Physical/mental health, building a community, and spending time on a passion

  • Podcast plans (more music, drums, creativity-based episodes, occasionally sprinkling in other topics of interest)

  • Call to action: if anyone knows any veterans, or active duty military who need help during transition from active duty, send them my way

**While Cannon Dispatch isn’t targeted specifically towards veterans, having recently left from Active Duty I know how difficult the transition can be. It’s important that people have someone to talk to about their careers and lives, what they want to do, and to knock around ideas for their aspirations and how to get there. And I believe it’s important they talk to someone who has experience in that event and who is not directly connected to anyone in their workplace or Chain of Command.

If you or anyone you know, veteran, active duty or someone thinking about joining, who would benefit from a conversation about these things and more, reply to this post or contact me via one of the methods below. I would love to connect with you and help in any way I can.

Thanks for listening, let’s do it again soon.



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