Mar 9 • 1HR 30M

25. J (Ep. 3 of the J Series | Social Media and Its (Dis)Contents)

Cyber Life vs. Real Life, Echo Chambers, and the Mind-Suck Machines of the Attention Economy. And the downsides, too.

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T. Cannon
The Cannon Dispatch is about exploring the things people do. An eclectic mix of topics ranging from music, society, creativity, leadership, and conversations with everyday people from around life and the world. Dispatches from the inside and out.
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*** This episode contains explicit language ***

This is Episode 3 of the J. Series.

We’re running right towards the topic of Social Media. This is an area of modern life that has greatly changed the trajectory of just about anything you can think of. Like most things, there is a light side and a dark side. How do you use it? Why do you use it? Why do you not use it? Does it make you happy? Does it anger you? Is it real life? What kind of value does it provide?

These are sensible questions, and this is a conversation exploring those questions and more.

And here’s a picture of J. while not on social media:

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