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24. - J (Ep. 2 of the J Series | Music and Creativity)

24. - J (Ep. 2 of the J Series | Music and Creativity)

Musical Beginnings, Influences, Creativity, and the dreaded Imposter Syndrome

***Disclaimer: Podcast contains explicit language***

This is Episode 2 with J.

J has many creative pursuits, but in my opinion Music is his favorite. He is a FANTASTIC guitarist. Proof of his talent: all of the “J Series” episodes feature music made by him and most of them were written and recorded right on the spot, no prior planning. He also recorded, mixed, and produced all of the J Series Cannon Dispatch podcast episodes.

His musical genre interests range from metalcore to RnB, death metal, hardcore, anything melodic, alternative, and beyond.

This episode we talk about his journey into music, influences, writing, creativity, imposter syndrome, and more.

Here’s my favorite original composition from him called “Isolated”. It slams.

Here’s his Youtube Channel.

And here’s his dog who was a guest producer of this episode:

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As always, thanks for listening!

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