Feb 10 • 53M

22. - J (Ep.1 of the J Series | Mental Health, "Stutz", and The War of Art)

We talk 'Stutz', Mental Health, Creativity, Resistance and The War of Art

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T. Cannon
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This is Episode 1 in a series with my friend J. J works in cyber (a field I am currently studying) and is an Army Veteran. We became fast friends due to a common passion for music and all things creative. He is an OUTSTANDING guitar player and digital composer, here is his YouTube Channel. The guitar in the intro/outro? That’s him.

We go into depth talking about the new Netflix/ Jonah Hill film ‘Stutz’, mental health, how finding a therapist is like dating, creativity, Steven Pressfield’s incredible idea of Resistance in his book the War of Art, and more.

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